How to: Lower Your Energy Bill

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In the age of technology we like to be plugged in 24/7 but that may not be so good for our home or our energy bill. When we turn off gadgets and gizmos they are still using power and sucking up energy. There is no need to go running around your home and unplugging every device that you have but here is a list of the biggest energy hogs in your home:shutterstock_932084451. Standby Mode. A lot of the newer technology that we have allows gadgets to be in standby mode. Which really isn’t on or off but will help them power up quicker. The problem with this is that in the meantime they are sucking up a lot of power which is costing you money. Make sure to power them all the way down including your computer, TV, gaming systems, etc.

2. Chargers. Nowadays people have more than one charger sitting in a wall plug. Whether that is for their tablet, laptop, cell phone and more. We leave them plugged in for easy access but they still draw a small amount of energy as long as they are plugged in. A handy way to get around this is to plug them all into a power strip which is much easier to turn on and off.

3. Light bulbs. Now don’t feel like you need to unscrew each light bulb after you are done using it but you can turn off a light in a room which you are no longer occupying. Get into the habit of turning off lights as you move through your home, and also make sure to use energy-efficient bulbs!

4. Small appliances. Toasters, blenders, juicers, coffee makers, etc. All of these appliances and more usually remain plugged into our wall, ready to go. Not to mention hair straighteners, blow dryers, electric razors and more! These electronics should be unplugged when not in use. You can also give yourself more counter space by putting them away when done!

5. Old appliances. Spending the money on new appliances isn’t always the easiest thing, but what if your old appliances were costing you just as much as a new one? Older appliances tend to take a lot more energy to get them to do the same job. So start replacing them over time with new ones to save you money.

Saving energy and cutting back on your electric bill are a great two-for-one when you follow these five tips. Start saving money today by turning off and unplugging. For all of your energy savings tips head to our Shorewest Blog, its chock full of information for a green-conscious homeowner! #ShorewestRealtors #EnergySavings #GreenPractices

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