Happy Earth Day! Five Easy Ways to Go Green!

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Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, but we think it should be celebrated every day! Today especially we are working on demonstrating support for environmental protection and ways we can go green. Follow these easy steps and you will be well on your way to protecting our Earth.


Instead of bottled water, go for a reusable bottle of water! Having one reusable bottle to refill and refresh is really the way to go. Imagine how many plastic bottles you will save being environmentally conscious with a reusable water bottle. Plus many places have special bubblers that are made to refill water bottles, making your effort even easier!

Reducing your waste is an integral part of being environmentally conscious! Instead of always getting plastic bags for your groceries, why not buy reusable bags? Or reusable produce bags to get your tomatoes and broccoli? Reusable sandwich bags would save a lot of garbage from going to the dump. Even starting your own composting pile would be a major help! There are plenty of ways to reduce waste!

Here is some energy saving tips! Think about turning off lights as you go, as well as using small lamps on the side instead of large overhead lights. Try using a programmable thermostat that will adjust temperatures automatically while you are sleeping or away from home! If you need to upgrade your appliances, go for energy-efficient appliances as this could save hundreds on your power bill.

Looking for ways to be green and healthy? Think about greening up your transportation methods! Carpooling, biking, walking, taking the bus or trains all help our carbon footprint on Earth. Making sure to plan out your errands to get the most out of a trip is an easy way to save on gas, too!

Eat green too! Think local and organic for your food choices. If your food has to travel a minimum of 1,500 miles to reach you, that is not a green practice. So instead, hit up your local farmers market, join a CSA or plant your own garden! Another great tip is to eat seasonally. Did you know that apples are not a year-round fruit? They are plentiful in fall but try eating oranges in spring instead. Talk to your local farmers market about what you can expect to get year-round. These are easy steps to take to reduce waste…and tasty too!

Earth Day is celebrated so that we can pause our busy, chaotic lives to fully appreciate and protect the wonderful planet we live on. By changing some of our daily practices, we can give back and repair some of the damage we have caused. Altering small things about our day-to-day routine such as carpooling or turning off a light as we leave the room can all add up to a big difference! So celebrate Earth Day and go eat some kale! #ShorewestRealtors #EarthDay #GoGreen

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