Best Staging Accessory: Mirrors

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mirror 1Mirror, mirror on the wall, what home is the fairest of them all? When selling your home, you want to present the best, neutral landscape that you can. This includes de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing all of your belongings. But what happens once all of this is done? This is the time to add in staging accessories that will showcase the full potential of your home for interested buyers. One of the best accessories according to staging professionals are mirrors.

Mirrors work well because they play many roles. They can make a space feel larger, increase light in a room, act as artwork to create a mood and also reflect a great view! Using a mirror can also give an opportunity to show off an architectural feature or other selling point of the property that a buyer might otherwise overlook.


How to make it work:

  1. Use a mirror to lighten up an otherwise dark space. Adding mirrors along with reflective surfaces – like tables and glassware – can bring more light to a room.
  2. Choosing a great mirror is like choosing artwork for a property. The size, shape and style should complement the architecture and space of the property.
  3. Be careful when taking photos. When using mirrors, you need to check the reflection from all angles and make sure the photographer is able to capture the best angle of the room without being in the shot.

Just remember not to go overboard! Too many mirrors will reflect too many images back at the potential buyer. You will want to make a bold statement, not a chaotic one. Staging professionals recommend one-to-two mirrors per room. This way it can be a focal point without being overwhelming.mirror 2Ask your Shorewest, REALTOR® what they think will look best in your space. They help stage many homes and can offer you the best perspective when it comes to what potential buyers will want to see in a home. #ShorewestRealtors #ShorewestTips #StagingMyHome

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