Before you Buy, Visit the Home at These Times!

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Finding the home of your dreams comes along with feelings of happiness and relief. But have you thought about feelings of annoyance? What if every morning at 4am a large jet goes over your home…would that change your mind about buying the home? The fact is that different times of the day really change the reality of a home. Here are some times to check out your new neighborhood and find out what really goes on.Homes_in_a_residential_neighborhood8am: What is your commute like? Are you finding that your commute time doubles? Or that the traffic is unbearable? Taking the time to see what your commute would be like is a great test. You never know, it could also cut your time in half!

10am: What’s that? Do you work from home and need some peace and quiet during the day? Check to make sure your neighbors aren’t explosive testers in their back yards! It’s also a good way to see if anyone is home during the day. Is there a neighbor there for safety’s sake?

3pm: School’s out! Is the home you are considering near a school? Are the kids running through your yard? Or is it safe for your own children to walk home with the level of traffic?kids running5:30pm: Happy hour or sad hour? How is your commute home? Check the level of traffic filtering through your potential neighborhood. Are their kids out riding their bikes? Any built-in playmates you can find?

9pm: Party time? Do you have loud, obnoxious neighbors? Or does it sound more like fun, outgoing neighbors? Good for you to find out before if you may need to invest in some earplugs!

3am: Witching hour. Do you find that there are unmistakable sounds of someone practicing their drums? Or a train rolls by with the horn blaring at exactly 3am?  Hopefully all you hear are the peaceful sounds of a neighborhood sound at sleep!

The last thing you will want on your first day in your new home would be random kids running through your garden without asking, or a vicious dog that roams the neighborhood off leash in your yard, or finding out that a jet liner will cross over your airspace every three hours on the dot. At least being aware of these disturbances will help you make a well informed decision about buying this home! #ShorewestRealtors #BuyingaHome #ShorewestTips

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